Employers in British Columbia are interested in maintaining a viable and effective Workers’ Compensation system that endeavours to meet the needs of both the worker and employer in a safe and productive workplace. The Employers’ Forum functions as an advocate for employers and a vehicle through which the employer community communicates on Workers’ Compensation issues.


Welcome to our new website!

Posted on September 8th, 2016

As the Employers’ Forum continues to grow, we felt it was time to update the website to better serve our members. We took the best suggestions we received and reworked our website from the ground up. We hope the new website provides a greater user experience and makes finding information easier than ever.


  • To provide opportunities for members to exchange information and opinions on workers’ compensation policies and issues;
  • To provide a vehicle through which the employer perspective on workers’ compensation policies and issues can be communicated to WorkSafeBC and its Board of Directors;
  • To act as a resource to the employer representative(s) of the Board of Directors in the research and analysis of current and proposed policies and initiatives;
  • To undertake or co-ordinating research as appropriate to facilitate effective development of employer positions on workers’ compensation issues;
  • To provide strong and effective representation for employers by facilitating the development of consensus positions on workers’ compensation issues among the membership and the employer community in general (i.e. responding to all Policy Discussion papers released by WorkSafeBC);
  • To providing WorkSafeBC with employer representatives for various advisory groups at WorkSafeBC (i.e. the Policy and Practice Consultation Committee, the Research Secretariat and others) and;
  • Meet with various government officials, where appropriate.