About Us

About the Employers’ Forum

Formed in 1992 to support the employer Board of Governors at the Workers’ Compensation Board of BC, the Employers’ Forum acts as an advocate for small, medium and large employers alike, both public and private, striving to promote a safe and productive workplace for all.

The organization has a long-standing history as the primary liaison between WorkSafeBC and the employer community, ensuring that the channels of communication remain open, and fair representation is maintained on all issues related to workplace health and safety.

The Employers’ Forum is registered under the Societies Act as the Employers’ Health and Safety Association of British Columbia. We welcome all employers who have operations in BC to join the Employers’ Forum. Currently, we represent over 70 employer and employer organizations who are a part of all sectors of the provincial economy.

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Several key benefits of becoming a Forum member include:

  • Regular meetings, including guest speakers from WorkSafeBC’s senior management and executive team, wherein Forum members can discuss current health and safety issues facing employers
  • An organized environment through which members can exchange information, opinions and resources
  • Open channel of communication with key members of WorkSafeBC on policy issues and changes, delivering constructive feedback from the collective employer community
  • Weekly updates to inform members of current issues
  • Facilitating the development of consensus positions on workers’ compensation policies among employers
  • Presenting employer perspectives to WorkSafeBC and meeting with other government officials as appropriate
  • Managing, coordinating, assisting and supporting research projects on workers’ compensation issues
  • Representation of the employer community as a unified front
  • Nominating employer representatives to the WorkSafeBC Board of Directors and WorkSafeBC advisory boards

Employers’ Forum frequently works with WorkSafeBC to ensure proposed regulations, policies and guidelines can be implemented successfully and most importantly, are working as intended.